First writing challenge – Indigo Gym

“Oh my goodness, that feels amazing. Don’t stop. Yes, there, that’s it, push back a little, more, harder, ouch, ow that smarts, OW, OOOWW!!!. JESSIE, THAT HURTS!!! ”

“Sorry Violet, for some reason I was getting distracted … ooo, ouch, ahhh, that’s nice, faster, harder, that’s the spot, yes yes yes yessssssssss.… you know you were making sex noises right…”


“I was not, I wasn’t, ooooohhhh god, I was…wasn’t I, am I turning red, I am aren’t I, I’m buring up, I bet I look like a bloody wino, blotchy and ..and burgundy”.

“Weeeellllll – have to say sweetie, it’s certainly an usual response to cramp, but who is there to be embraced by…lil old me? You know I like making you squeal, right! Ooo hard, more, push it, oooo oooo“

“Well my legs fine now, you can stop the Chinese ballet coach’s stretching routine now. Seriously they should get you over to CUBA, you’d be a hit with the guards at Gitmo.. the cramps gone, but Jesus Jessie, that hurt.. and also…stop the other stuff too”

“Ah baby girl, am I making you blue?…are you sad that little ol Jessie won’t walk the talk with you?”

“Stop it!. I’m not kidding, it’s not funny. You know how green he gets. If he walks in and sees you like this, cooing all over me, he’ll, well you know him, he wont like it Okay.”

“Whatever!   ***Sigh***          Up you get then, no rest for the wicked, your cramp’s gone, we’ll do some weights, get rid of those bingo wings and all, wouldn’t want you getting all flabby on his ass now would we. He wouldn’t like THAT!”


“God you confuse me, but you make me laugh when you’re mad. Why him

Weight Machine

Violet? You can do so much better. Jeee, you could almost turn me…and the way he treats you….anyway….not my business… over to the bench press, lets see if we can put some weights on the bar today…”


Sitting alone, Daren starred at the wall. He was wearing orange trousers, white trainers, a tight fitting white and pale blue stripped shirt, top three buttons undone, as ever. His hair, wet-look, gleaming. Tears stream down his face. “I. DO. NOT. UNDERSTAND” he pants. Bored, Paul gets up, strolls over to him, grabs his unbuttoned shirt, and pulls him to his feet.

“Cmon, let’s go for a pint, you can’t let her keep doing this”

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