Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

by Kevin Bould

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Not the photos I intended to post, due to issues I’m having downloading from my EOS. Really need to sort that. Nether the less, I love this photo and it fits the bill perfectly. 

koutoubia mosque

For those that don’t recognise this, the mosque is the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesch. The photo was taken from  the magical Les Jardins de Balla. Those who have been will hopefully be able to sense the juxtaposition of not only the modern, heated pool, with the 12th Century Mosque,  but also the peace and quiet of this location, which is less than 50 meters from the incredible exuberance, carnage and chaos of Jemaa el Fna and the nearby souks.  Great food too! 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

by Kevin Bould

I was abroad this week, both figuratively and literally, hence the tardiness of m post. Family; this was a challenge that made me smile. With a baby niece, some big family events coming up and being recently engaged, there seemed lot of options. Strange then, that I chose non on them. Instead whist having a lovely time at the future in-laws a moment occured to me that summed up family, old and new. Enjoy!

Sunday Roast....Nom Nom

I was also reminded of this old photo. I cant recall how I manged to get it looking like this, but I liked, and still do like, it.

We are family

And because I can’t resist!!!

Beautiful beginnings. Baby Lily.


This weeks theme is Juxtaposition.

Just back from Marrakesch – really hope I have a photo that works…there were plenty of them around!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

by Kevin Bould

In stark contrast to last weeks, New Beginnings  which was based around excitement and fun things happening to us, this weeks Window challenge immediately made me think of a photo that I took when on Alcatraz last summer.  I was pleased with this photo for so many reasons. Would be interested to get your feedback. I guess many of you will have been there and would have seen the view. If you’re reading this, then I assume you were not kept there at the US Federal Governments request! 

A grim Reminder of what could have beem

View From The Rock


Whilst looking for this photo, I thought the following one, which I believe is the governors quarters, worked well in contrast, even in it’s current decay, to the cells that Capone, The Birdman et el called home:

Still not brill is it!

How the other half live
View to the cells

View to the cells

View From the Cells

View From the Cells



Since posting the challenge link on my facebook, Pete T, who last week entered the picture of the 1980’s maze game , has once again come up with something entertaining and different.

A little obscure again, which is ironic seeing as the challenge was Window

A little obscure again, which is ironic seeing as the challenge was Window


Week 2: Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

by Kevin Bould

I really enjoyed last weeks challenge. The posts from Peter and Lynz made me smile a lot.

Peter’s post was a blast from the past.

Peter Tymoshyshyn

My sisters post was of her lovely new baby, my niece, the beautiful Lily.

Beautiful beginnings. Baby Lily.

 This weeks challenge is windows.

Windows are everywhere. Depending on where you are — your bedroom, your office, a hotel room, or a tiny tourism office overlooking a lively street in a beach town in the Dominican Republic, shown above — a window can reveal different things.

They are portals into the world’s stories. Glimpses into other people’s lives. Looking out (or into) a window can tell you about where you are — and where you’re not — and mark a particular moment in time, linking you to a physical place. Windows are also enablers of our daydreams and desires, and can stir up memories and big ideas.”


New Beginnings

by Kevin Bould

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year. Happy New Home. Happy New Engagement. 


The challenge this week was “Beginnings”: With so many exciting things happening this was a bit of a gift of a challenge. Whilst pondering options, we received a number of lovely engagement cards, to add to all of the wonderful Christmas & New Home cards. A small selection of these form the basis of the composition below, together with a lovely New Home calendar – a Christmas gift from Dad. 

by Kevin Bould

I know there are technical issues with the photo, but I’m happy with my first challenge effort. Feel free to provide feedback, good or bad.